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We are shifting the paradigm of health care from a model of disease state management to one in which each individual embraces a response-ability to the messages the mind, body and spirit are sending.  We help you reconnect with yourself to create healthy habits that boost your immune system and help prevent disease before it starts.

Greater job pressure, longer hours, sky-high stress levels and soaring health care costs are taking their toll on individuals and the companies they work for.  Countless research studies have demonstrated the toxic effect that these stressors are having on our mental and physical health. 

At M2W, our services are designed to modify the stress response and keep you in optimum health.   Massage Therapy and Energetic Healing modalities decrease stress, ease muscular tension, increase energy levels, concentration and creativity, and often alleviate physiological dysfunctions.  Our classes in Meditation, Yoga and Breathwork bestow a sense of calm, inner strength and focus that are often life-changing for our clients.  Additionally, the March2Wellness life coaches help you gain clarity around your unique goals, and arm you with the strategies and confidence to achieve them.

In short, we provide you with the experience, knowledge and quantifiable results that create healthy habits for a lifetime of balance, radiant health and exceptional performance.
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"Preventable illnesses make up approximately 80% of the burden of illness and 90% of all healthcare costs"

Source: (Center for Disease Control; New Report on US Health statistics, July 26, 2000)